Non-conductive high-tech technology of vacuum coating equipment NCVM

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The vacuum coating equipment NCVM uses thin films such as metal and insulating compounds to be plated, and uses the discontinuous characteristics of each phase to obtain the final appearance with metallic texture and does not affect the effect of wireless communication transmission. First, it must be non-conductive to meet the normal use of wireless communication products; secondly, it must ensure the important appearance requirement of "metal texture"; finally, the combination of UV coating and coating layer will ensure the product's physical properties and weather resistance to meet customer needs. The vacuum coating equipment NCVM can be applied to various plastic materials, such as PC, PC+ABS, ABS, PMMA, NYLON, engineering plastics, etc. It is more in line with the green environmental protection requirements of the production process, and is non-Chrome plating products Alternative technology, suitable for all plastic products that require surface treatment, especially for 3C products with signal transmission and reception, especially in the area near the antenna cover, such as MobilePhone, PDA, Smart Phone, GPS satellite navigation, Bluetooth headset, etc.

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The main feature of NCVM is that it combines the characteristics of traditional vacuum coating technology, adopts new coating technology and new materials to make metal appearance effects of different colors of ordinary vacuum plating, which can beautify the surface of the workpiece. The finished product made with NCVM technology can pass the high-voltage test of tens of thousands of volts of the high-voltage electric meter, without conduction or breakdown. Because of its non-conductivity, when the mobile phone or Bluetooth headset receives or transmits signals, the electromagnetic field generated is not accumulated by the conductive coating, so that it does not affect the RF (radio frequency) performance and ESD (electrostatic discharge) of the mobile phone. Performance, which means that wireless products can achieve better reception, no noise, and no impact on the human body.

Baorui Titanium Gold NCVM non-conductive coating equipment uses resistance heating in a vacuum chamber to melt and vaporize the metal plating material, so that metal molecules are deposited on the substrate to obtain a smooth and high-reflectivity metal film layer to achieve decoration and beautify the surface of the article the goal of. It has the advantages of reasonable structure, high pumping speed, short working cycle, high production efficiency, convenient operation, low energy consumption, stable work, uniform film layer, and good film quality. The equipment is widely used in plastic electronic products: non-conductive film (NCVM) plated on the surface of mobile phone shells, mobile phone keys, computers, digital, electronic communications, etc.

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