The Power of Moments of Digital Transformation: Towards a New Type of Partnership-Smart Manufacturing Channel

2021-06-19 10:39  Times of view:

Foreword: Open the door and define the boundaries of innovation  Innovative technologies are everywhere, and risks follow. For large companies that already have mature markets, these endless technologies may become a sudden threat and show disruptive power; they may also be short-lived, but they require a lot of energy as a kind of overloaded information. Recognition. With the rapid development of many digital technologies, this challenge is especially obvious for large enterprises. The disease of large companies is essentially a stressful innovation system that has become bloated. When people expect an elephant to dance, they are actually discussing how to make a company's innovation system lighter and able to respond quickly to external changes. And small and medium-sized enterprises are often invisible people who have the Dragon Sword. It's not that people don't care about this innovative ability, but that their size and history cannot attract people's attention.  The way to solve the problem does not have to be to find a mechanism within the enterprise to gain profit through innovation. The "Gray Innovation" theory points out that the value of the manufacturing world is not a single line of the smile curve, but an overlapping area similar to rabbit ears. In this gray area formed by the joint cooperation between several organizations, knowledge flows across organizations, and innovation occurs in a mixed form. A way to make elephants light and ants prominent is spreading in practice.   Shake before taking the first step   SME

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