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The overall requirement for industry and informatization standards work in 2021 is to adhere to the guidance of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, and fully implement the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th Plenary Sessions of the 19th Central Committee. Based on the overall construction of manufacturing power, network power, quality power, and digital China, with the theme of promoting high-quality development, vigorously implement standard upgrading actions, strengthen the overall promotion of standard work across the industry chain, strengthen the formulation of key and basic public welfare standards, and accelerate Review and revise old and backward standards, vigorously develop advanced group standards, actively participate in global standardization activities, promote advanced industrial foundation, modernization of industrial chains, and enhance independent controllability of key industries and key links.

Main expected goals: organize the formulation and revision of more than 1,500 standards required for the construction of a service manufacturing power, a network power, a quality power, and a digital China, including more than 800 key and basic public welfare standards. Implement hundreds of group standard application demonstration projects in more than 10 key areas. The conversion rate of international standards in key areas has reached 90%, and Chinese enterprises and institutions are encouraged to take the lead in formulating more than 100 international standard projects.

1. Strengthen the overall planning and promotion of standard work for the entire industry chain

1. Accelerate the establishment of a standard map of the entire industry chain for key industries. Focusing on the key industry map, starting from the perspective of stabilizing the industrial chain and unblocking the supply chain, sort out existing and ongoing standards in relevant links, find existing standard shortcomings, analyze new standard requirements, and compile a standard map corresponding to the industry map , Reflecting the key links, technical consensus and development trends of the industrial chain supply chain.

2. Promote the construction of a standard system around the entire industry chain. Break through the traditional barriers of industries and fields, break through the blockages of the industrial chain, and deepen the coordination and cooperation of the upper, middle and lower reaches of the industrial chain. Accelerate the establishment of a cross-industry and cross-field standardization coordination work mechanism, encourage leading enterprises to drive upstream and downstream supporting small and medium-sized enterprises to jointly develop standards, and promote the formation of a unified and coordinated standard system.

2. Make a solid foundation and develop standards in key areas

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3. Strengthen the formulation of basic industrial standards and mandatory standards. Develop standards for new materials and key materials such as high-end steel materials, high-temperature alloy materials for aero-engines, new chemical materials, aluminum materials for civil aircraft, graphene, electronic special materials, natural fiber materials, recycled chemical fiber materials and other new materials and key material standards, and improve rare earth materials , Evaluation of steel extreme environmental functional materials, chemical fertilizers and other related standards and technical levels, and support the formulation of process standards such as electric arc furnace short-flow steelmaking. Strengthen the development of standards for machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment, medium and high-end CNC systems and servo motors, as well as standards for instrumentation, basic parts, electronic components, industrial software and special equipment. Speed up the formulation and revision of industry standards for engineering construction in the industrial field. Accelerate the promotion of mandatory national standards for key consumer products, automobile safety, toxic and hazardous substance content limits, unit product energy consumption limits and product energy efficiency, civil explosive products, cement, graphite and fluorite mining, and general radio frequency technical requirements for wireless charging equipment. Drafting.

4. Speeding up the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries urgently requires standard formulation. Vigorously promote the formulation of standards for intelligent manufacturing of ship assembly, smart ships, liquefied gas ships, power equipment, general petrochemical equipment, heavy machinery, energy-saving and environmental protection equipment, agricultural machinery equipment, fertilizers, elderly supplies, and steel logistics. It supports the formulation of general modules for industrial robots, sensing movement and operation modules, interfaces and safety standards, as well as standards for commercial mobile cleaning robots, disinfection service robots, pick-up transfer and polishing robots in the die-casting industry. Strengthen the formulation of safety standards for passenger cars, commercial vehicles, and hazardous chemicals transportation vehicles and key components. Increase the supply of standards in key areas such as textiles, light industry, and food, and promote the consumer product industry to increase varieties, improve quality, and create brands. Taking the mandatory national standards for civil explosions as the traction, speed up the formulation of supporting test methods and standards. Vigorously improve product quality standards, and continuously improve key indicators such as product reliability, stability, and functionality.

5. Strengthen the establishment of standards for digital transformation and integration of manufacturing. Carry out standard research in the fields of integration maturity of the two, digital management of the supply chain, digital management of production equipment and equipment on the cloud, and digital simulation of manufacturing. Do a good job in the formulation of key standards such as the application of new intelligent manufacturing technologies, supply chain coordination, digital twins, supplier classification, integrated services, and digital workshops, as well as steel, petrochemicals, non-ferrous metals, building materials, textiles, automobiles, home appliances and furniture, electrical engineering, and civilians. The development of intelligent manufacturing technology equipment and application standards for explosives and other industries. Strengthen research on application standards of key artificial intelligence technologies in manufacturing, and carry out research on service-oriented manufacturing standards. Coordinate and promote the formulation of industrial Internet networks, logo analysis, platforms and security standards, vigorously carry out standard research on 5G + industrial Internet, industrial Internet big data centers, and support the formulation of industrial Internet + safety production and other industry application standards.

6. Promote the formulation of new technologies, new industries and new infrastructure standards. Vigorously develop 5G and next-generation mobile communications, "IPv6+" and next-generation Internet, domain name services and management, high-speed broadband, future networks, interconnection, mobile Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data, data centers, blockchain, quantum information , Satellite communications and navigation and positioning, network and data security, critical information infrastructure security protection, personal information protection and smart terminal protection of minors, information technology services, human-computer interaction and information accessibility, new radio technology and electromagnetic compatibility, radio Research and formulation of standards for launch equipment, electric vehicles and charging and swapping systems, fuel cell vehicles, additive manufacturing, unmanned aerial vehicles, integrated circuits, advanced computing, new displays, and talent training. Steadily promote the development of integrated and innovative standards for the Internet of Vehicles (intelligent connected cars), new application scenarios of ultra-high-definition video, smart cities, smart homes, smart health care, 5G+ healthcare, and information consumption.

7. Do a good job in the formulation of industrial low-carbon and green manufacturing standards. Carry out the development of standards for low carbon and carbon emissions, energy saving and energy efficiency improvement, water saving and water efficiency improvement, and comprehensive utilization of resources in steel, building materials, non-ferrous metals, petrochemical, light industry, textile, electronics and other industries. Promote green and low-carbon industrial parks, green factories, green design products, green supply chain management, green building materials product evaluation, industrial energy conservation monitoring, energy conservation diagnosis, renewable energy utilization, industrial wastewater resource utilization, green data center construction, and power battery recycling Development of related standards such as utilization and remanufacturing. Continue to develop standards for vehicle fuel consumption limits, test methods, and labels. Start research on life cycle assessment standards for steel, light industry, automobile, textile and other industries.

Three optimize and improve the supply structure and level of the standard system

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8. Compile guidelines for the establishment of a mandatory national standard system. On the basis of the integration and streamlining of mandatory standards, the guidelines for the construction of mandatory national standard systems for industry and informatization have been compiled focusing on product safety, ecological environment security, network and data security, and safe production in ships, aircraft, civil explosions, and communications industries. Comparing and learning from the international advanced level, further clarify the framework structure, standard project planning and schedule arrangement of the mandatory national standard system.

9. Strengthen the top-level design of the standard system in key areas. According to the needs of technological progress and rapid industrial development and integrated development, revise smart manufacturing, industrial Internet, industrial energy conservation and green development, electric vehicles, Internet of Vehicles (smart connected vehicles), smart homes, cloud computing, lithium-ion batteries, photovoltaics, etc. Guidelines or roadmaps for standard system construction. Start the compilation of guidelines for the construction of intelligent manufacturing standard systems for industries such as steel, petrochemicals, non-ferrous metals, building materials, textiles, automobiles, and power equipment, and actively promote smart ships, basic security of the Internet of Things, 5G + industrial Internet, 5G + medical health, industrial Internet + safe production, Guidelines for the construction of standard systems in areas such as blockchain.

10. Optimize and improve the supply structure of the industry standard system. Prioritize support for the formulation of key and basic public welfare standards, gradually reduce the number of general technical and product industry standards, and formulate the proportion of key and basic public welfare standards by 5% year-on-year. Intensify the review and revision of industry standards, and conduct a comprehensive review and timely revision of industry standards that have been implemented for more than 5 years. Encourage the use of amendments to revise industry standards and improve the speed of revision response.

11. Vigorously cultivate and develop high-quality group standards. Continue to implement hundreds of group standard application demonstration projects, guide social groups to formulate innovative group standards first, and meet the urgent needs of the industry and the market in a timely manner. Support the formulation of advanced group standards whose technical level is better than national standards and industry standards, encourage the development of group standards for quality grading and evaluation, and promote the realization of high-quality and competitive prices. Organize relevant standardization organizations to evaluate and continuously improve the effects of existing group standard application demonstration projects.

Four continue to participate in global standardization activities in depth

12. Continuously improve the level of consistency of domestic and foreign standards. Carry out the transformation assessment analysis of international standards in the field of industry and information technology, and further find the weak links. Focusing on key areas such as weak links and consumption improvement, combined with the actual situation of industrial development, organize the implementation of international standards compliance activities, aiming at international advanced standards to continuously improve the technical level of domestic standards, and increase the conversion rate of international standards in related fields to 90%.

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13. Actively participate in the formulation of international standards and technical regulations. Support domestic industry associations, enterprises and institutions to participate in the formulation of international standards and technical regulations such as the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and the United Nations World Forum for the Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations (WP29) , To jointly establish international standards with international counterparts, actively contribute to Chinese technical solutions, and improve the risk prevention and control capabilities of international standards.

14. Actively support Sino-foreign standardization exchanges and cooperation. Encourage domestic associations and standardization professional institutions to strengthen standardization exchanges and cooperation with international counterparts, focus on areas of common concern, form a consensus on standardization, and continuously expand the circle of friends for international standardization work. Supporting the construction needs of the "Belt and Road", organizing the compilation of foreign language versions of industry standards and mandatory national standards, and promoting the international development of my country's technology, products, engineering and services.

V. Actively promote the effective implementation of key standards

15. Do a good job in the implementation and evaluation of key standards. Organize the technical level and implementation effect evaluation of mandatory national standards in key areas that have been implemented for more than 2 years, and accelerate the establishment of a statistical and analysis reporting system for the implementation of key standards. Continue to promote the disclosure of the full text of industry standards, and encourage industry associations, standardization technology organizations, etc. to carry out publicity and training of key standards for producers, users, and testing and certification agencies.

16. Support the active adoption of advanced applicable standards. Promote the quotation of national standards, industry standards and advanced group standards in the formulation of industrial policies and plans. Encourage enterprises to implement advanced standards in R&D, production, management and other links, and guide industrial chain enterprises to implement standards. Adopt quality classification evaluation group standards, strengthen overall quality management, improve product and service quality, and enhance standardization awareness.

Six vigorously create a good standard policy environment

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17. Further consolidate the responsibilities of all parties in the standard work. Organize the evaluation of industry associations, standardization technical committees, standardization associations, and standardization professional institutions that undertake industry standard review and other related tasks, publish a list of industry standard preliminary review organizations, and clarify business areas, job responsibilities and requirements. Further consolidate the work responsibilities of the Standardization Technical Committee (Working Group), the Standardization Association, etc. in the standard system construction, standard formulation and review, and standard interpretation.

18. Strengthen the supervision and guidance of standard setting work. Organize a comprehensive review of the implementation of the industry standard project plan. Follow up and supervise the standard projects that are not completed on schedule, and in principle, they will be completed within one year. The industry standard projects that cannot be completed due to objective reasons should be adjusted or cancelled in a timely manner. For industry standard projects that are overdue for more than 2 years without justifiable reasons and account for more than 10% of the industry standard projects, the relevant standardization technical committees shall be suspended to undertake new industry standard formulation tasks.

19. Strengthen the construction of industry standard systems and mechanisms. Strengthen the entire process of behavioral standards and review time assessment from the establishment of industry standard projects to the approval of the industry, establish a fast track for new technologies and new products, and ensure that foreign-invested enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises and other types of enterprises participate in the formulation of industry standards in accordance with the law. Encourage high-quality enterprises such as individual champions in manufacturing to participate in the formulation of relevant standards. Promote the expeditious promulgation of the "Administrative Measures for Professional Standardization Technical Committees of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology" to standardize the establishment, adjustment, and replacement of relevant professional standardization technical committees.

20. Promote the informatization construction of industry standards. On the basis of existing work, comprehensively implement the entire process of information management from industry standard project proposal, project establishment, organization drafting, solicitation of opinions, technical review and approval, and strengthen real-time supervision of the industry standard formulation process. Strengthen the supervision of relevant standardization technical committees (working groups) and standardization associations, and urge them to disclose the process information of relevant industry standards in a timely manner.

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