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In the context of the continuous promulgation of a series of policies, my country's sensor industry has entered a stage of rapid development.

An industrial layout with basically full coverage has been formed, and industrial demand sensors have covered the entire industrial chain from being independent to introducing them. Under the premise of self-sufficiency, the medium and low-end products can be exported, and the integrated construction and level of design, R&D and application have been generally improved.

In the fast-growing Chinese industrial market, the demand for sensors has changed from primitive matching to rigid demand. The huge market appeal brought by the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing in China is not only a huge attraction for domestic companies, but also for leading foreign industrial sensor companies. The share of industrial sensor giants such as Emerson of the United States, E+H of Germany, and Yokogawa of Japan in the Chinese market has become an important part of their company.

Driven by government support and industry demand, my country's industrial sensors have formed an industrial chain model including materials, devices, systems, and networks. The scale and quality of the industrial chain have also been continuously improved and improved. According to statistics, there are about 2,000 domestic sensor manufacturers of a certain scale that are used in industrial manufacturing, and their products basically cover all fields of industrial manufacturing. There are about 16,000 varieties and specifications of various industrial sensors produced. Sensor industry clusters with regional characteristics have emerged, focusing on the Yangtze River Delta, and gradually forming a regional layout radiating from central cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Shenzhen, Shenyang and Xi'an. These clusters have their respective advantages, forming a relatively complete sensor industry chain in my country.

Many problems need to be broken

Despite the impressive results, there are still many problems in my country's industrial basic sensors that need to be solved, mainly in:

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First, the top-level design still lacks overall design and standard guidance. Industrial sensors are a small industry in the instrument industry, and even smaller in China's manufacturing, but industrial sensors play a pivotal role in the strategy of a manufacturing powerhouse. Due to the professional dispersion and industry-specific characteristics of sensors, there has always been a lack of a unified understanding at the top of the sensor and a unified industry awareness in the sensor industry for a long time. The development and industry planning of industrial sensors, such as "Kowloon Water Control is in its own right", has not developed in an orderly manner in accordance with the overall layout of the national industrial development plan. Although the national investment is increasing year by year and the policy strength is increasing year by year, the sensor industry needs to be cultivated and cultivated for a long time. Under the effect of (local governments, enterprises) eager for success and quick success, they want to achieve the landmark results of sensor industrialization. Often things are counterproductive.

The second is the small scale of the industry, low profitability, and lack of core technology. Take the pressure sensor industry as an example. There are about a thousand domestic manufacturers with a certain scale, of which the number of private enterprises accounts for about 90% of the total number of enterprises. They have become China’s industrial pressure sensor and transmitter industries competing with foreign manufacturers for the domestic industry. The main force in the market with pressure sensors and transmitters. However, less than 30% of these companies have annual sales of more than 20 million yuan, and more than 70% of sensor manufacturers are small, medium and micro enterprises, with small industrial scales and low profitability. As a result, the core technology, R&D capabilities, and core competitiveness of the chain of enterprises are seriously insufficient or lacking.

According to the product analysis of major domestic sensor manufacturers, we can also find that more than 70% of the pressure sensors produced by domestic manufacturers are conventional strain gauges and sputtered film sensors, and about 30% are low-end products mainly made of ceramic materials. The structure is relatively simple.

The third is that there are many common problems and many industrialization problems. Due to the lack of basic research, and under the guidance of the "quick money effect" of "market for technology" for a long time, in recent decades, new products and new technologies have mostly stayed in the "imitation" of foreign samples (prototypes) analysis, surveying and mapping, and technological breakthrough products with independent characteristics. Feathers are rare.

Common key technologies, such as reliability technology research, have yet to be broken through. High-end typical foreign typical process industry sensors have achieved five-year calibration-free at the end of the last century, but the calibration-free function of domestic related products is still being promoted and verified. There is still a huge gap between the research and development of basic theories of industrial sensor common technologies such as materials, equipment, methods, reliability verification and analysis and foreign developed countries.

Fourth, the industrialization of the core sensitive technology of industrial sensors is seriously lacking "core". Although the annual output of traditional industrial sensors such as strain, inductance, capacitance, grating, weighing, displacement, position, and metal elastic devices ranks in the world's leading position, some have even been exported. But for high-end industrial sensors, especially the key areas of high-end manufacturing, key industries, and supporting industrial sensors for major projects are basically 100% dependent on imports. Even domestic production is only at the stage of research, prototype, and small batch pilot testing. The industrialization of related sensor core technologies (devices) is still "long road", which severely restricts the rapid development of my country's industry and the "independent controllability" of industrial manufacturing. . For example, the domestic silicon-based MEMS pressure sensor industry is basically in the packaging and foundry stage. From ordinary silicon-based pressure sensors, OEM silicon-based pressure sensors to high-end equipment control transmitters in the process industry, the core silicon-based sensitive chips are basically all imported. Domestic independent supporting facilities are less than 1%; high-end intelligent manufacturing, CNC numerical control machine tools, large-scale engineering machinery and other supporting requirements for position, pressure, image, inertial devices and other sensors are monopolized by joint ventures in Europe, America and Japan or Europe, America and Japan; domestic industrial basic gas sensors Mainly concentrated in the low-end catalytic combustion, electrochemical, infrared, and MOS gas sensor stages, only a small number of high-end laser infrared gas sensors and photoionized PID gas sensors are used in industrial manufacturing. The industrialization of industrial gas sensors with new products and new technologies lags behind the international advanced level for at least five years. Although the core sensitive components of MEMS silicon-based pressure sensors and high-end gas sensor sensitive chips have completed technical research, the industrialization support is basically zero. The domestic industrialized production of sensitive core devices and the high-end sensor market basically rely on imports. Domestic industrial sensors are mainly concentrated in the low-end manufacturing market. The problem of "hollow core" in the industrialization of high-end applications has become a key obstacle restricting China's manufacturing from large to strong.

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Fifth, data statistics for industrial sensors are seriously "distorted." When analyzing the industrial sensor industry in China, the general concept of sensors is used. The data statistics of "pan" sensors have led to the collection of a large number of sensor data in non-industrial fields, and the authenticity of industrial sensor data is seriously distorted. Really understand the status quo of industrial sensors, and the disadvantages are limitless.

Strive to build a "one-stop" ecosystem of industrial sensors

1. Taking Germany X-Fab's refined, specialized and special standardized core device industry base as a benchmark, build a professional fixed-point production line for power, heat, magnetic, and gas core devices, and realize the industrialization of basic core device results of domestic industrial basic sensors, with rapid supporting The demand for sensors in the developing Chinese manufacturing industry is especially the demand for core devices.

Industrial-based sensors are the foundation of the manufacturing industry. Firstly, solve the problem of the industrialization of core devices urgently needed by the industry, improve the one-stop industrial ecology of materials, manufacturing, sales, and use, and completely solve the problem of domestic industrial basic sensors with "devices" but no "cores". The embarrassing situation of industrial base sensors has truly realized the cornerstone and supporting role of industrial base sensors for the country’s industrial base, forming an industrialized development chain with clear division of labor and clear supporting facilities. Build a professional X-Fab production line in China.

Standardized fixed-point professional production lines not only require a good and clean working environment, but also require clear products (not just for profit), clear process control, and a management and control team with stable quality and skills. Achieve the four "cleanliness" of environment, product, process, and control.

2. Focus on interdisciplinary training of sensors, establish leaders in talent evaluation and talent team building, and cultivate high-end companies that carry the banner; increase the reward system from multiple perspectives such as standards, reliability, and patents, and promote the rapid growth of the talent team.

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Continue to increase and strengthen major basic theoretical and experimental research and the training and reserve of talents in the sensor field, sensor design methods and key production technology research, and encourage universities and scientific research institutions to cooperate with public service platforms and enterprises according to their needs and their own characteristics. The interdisciplinary intelligent sensor comprehensive talent training base provides enterprises with high-level technological talents and technological innovation talents. Encourage the training of talents in the demonstrative microelectronics colleges and instrument colleges to lean towards the direction of smart sensors. Actively introduce overseas leading talents and high-end technical talents, continue to optimize the talent environment, support the construction of related technology centers, incubation and entrepreneurship centers, etc., to provide a carrier for the gathering of high-end talents. Establish a benign evaluation mechanism for applied talents, increase the guidance of applied basic research, and establish a good ecology of production, learning, and research.

3. Starting from the leader in materials, manufacturing, and sales, we will build a "one-stop" ecosystem of industrial sensors. Improve the industrial sensor ecological chain with a clear division of labor, and realize the supporting role of the "cornerstone" of the sensor industry.

Increase the process industry’s use of force, heat, magnetism, flow, environmental gas safety detection sensors and discrete sensor industrial base construction, form a sophisticated, specialized, special, and new industrial layout of process industry and discrete industrial sensors, and cultivate a group of experts in their respective industrial fields. Invisible champion. For the cultivation of invisible champions, we will provide policy support from different perspectives in the market, technology and team, set up special funds to support technological innovation enterprises, and cultivate leading enterprises in the functional industrial sensor ecological chain.

4. Increase the protection of knowledge achievements and scientific research achievements of sensor small and micro enterprises, encourage enterprise technological innovation, actively carry out research on common key technologies and basic process technologies, reduce the risk of enterprise scientific research results transformation, carry out research on new integrated intelligent industrial sensors, and advocate To build an invisible champion of technology for small and micro enterprises in industrial sensors.

Increase the country's investment in sensor industrialization, encourage the construction of industrial cluster parks and public innovation platforms, and accelerate the introduction of new designs and new processes. Strengthen the investment in the research of common key technologies and basic process technology, and give preference to policies, systems, funds, etc., to shorten the cycle of technology to product conversion. Strengthen the role of market applications in driving demand for the industry, encourage application manufacturers to participate in the research and development and manufacturing of smart sensors through business cooperation, investment and shareholding, and integrate the upstream and downstream of the industry chain. Support scientific research institutes and institutions of higher learning to carry out research on key technologies and basic theories of smart sensors, as well as key chip development, improve the integration and intelligence level of products, strengthen intellectual property protection, and encourage the transformation of scientific research results. Encourage the development of new industrial sensor integration and technology and application research, and work on perception, control, communication, algorithms, intelligence, and network applications to meet the needs of a new generation of industrial sensors.

5. Guided by market demand, product quality as the entry threshold, and the enterprise's responsibility for the quality of its own products as the prerequisite, we will give industrial sensors supportive use in national key industries, key areas, and major projects from the policy side, and provide domestic products with more supporting facilities. Preferential terms, implement and strengthen the implementation of the national "Government Procurement Law" and "Priority to Domestic Products" policies in the field of industrial sensor applications. Ensure the rapid growth of industrial sensors in the development process of manufacturing in China.

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6. Aiming at the ubiquity of sensors and the particularity of industrial sensors, strengthen the accuracy and rationality of statistics in data statistics, analysis and policy formulation to avoid blindness and adverse consequences caused by data errors, and provide accuracy for the development of industrial sensors in accordance with.

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