Vacuum coating machine oxide film

2018-12-28 14:36  Times of view:

Vanadium oxide thin films and their use in the field of microelectronics and optoelectronics have become one of the hot topics in the world. Because the vanadium oxide film has a high resistance document coefficient (TCR) value, its resistance value is very modified with the temperature rise caused by incident radiation. The microbolometer uses this property, so the vanadium oxide film is in the infrared. A broad range of uses for exploration and infrared imaging. Therefore, optimizing the technical parameters to prepare a highly functional vanadium oxide film is an urgent problem to be solved. In this thesis, vanadium oxide thin films were prepared by DC magnetron sputtering at high temperature with high purity metal vanadium as the target. After the orthogonal test, the system analyzed the flow ratio of argon and oxygen, the sputtering power, the operating pressure, and the influence of the base temperature on the TCR of the vanadium oxide film. The TCR values of these four factors were obtained. The test results indicate that when the share of Ar and O2 is 100:4, the power is 120W, and the working pressure is 2Pa, the TCR value of the obtained film is large.

      Because the heat treatment can eliminate the internal stress of the film during the process of silence, complete the reconstruction of the crystal structure, and then improve the mechanical properties of the film, crystal structure and electrical functions. The test system investigated the effects of heat treatment temperature and heat treatment time on the function of the film. The vanadium oxide film samples prepared by the combination of the optimal parameters obtained by the RTP-500 type rapid heat treatment machine were heat treated. The results indicate that annealing temperature and annealing time have an important effect on the TCR of vanadium oxide film, and the relationship between TCR and annealing time and annealing temperature after annealing of vanadium oxide film is obtained. The results indicate that the TCR values of the vanadium oxide film are both near -2%/K after heat treatment, and the highest is -3.6%/K. The thin film was further analyzed by scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and X-ray energy spectrometer (XPS). The vanadium oxide thin film was prepared by DC magnetron sputtering and heat treatment. The grain size was nanometer. Magnitude. Using XPS to analyze the film composition, it was found that the Ar and 02 fractions are the most important factors affecting the composition of the vanadium oxide film.

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