The reason and method of lens coating

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Lens coating, whether it is a spectacle lens or a glass lens, the lamp lens needs to be coated on the outside. The reason for the lens coating is very simple, because the object has a reflection effect on the light. Because the lens combined with many problems is impossible to theoretically pass all the light at various angles, the light transmittance can reach More than 90%, the remaining 10% will be reflected out to form glare. Therefore, a coating is required.

Lens coating was developed in 1968 with a new generation of coating technology. The coating process can be cheap and standard, and the coated lens is becoming more and more popular. There are many coating methods for lenses. The most widely used coating method on the market today is vacuum physical coating.

The latest physical coating technology is carried out in various forms such as vacuum evaporation and ion plating. Such coating strength and uniformity are generally higher than electroless coating. In the past, chemical coatings were relatively polluting and could not be coated with a multilayer film. The latest vacuum coating replaces the chemical coating. Vacuum coating machine

The coating layer on the surface of a general lens is itself colorless and transparent, and only the light that is not transmitted through the lens is reflected back, forming a reflection visible to the human eye. For coated lenses, the transmittance of the lenses is relatively low, and the reflection on the surface of the lenses is serious. Therefore, the different lenses of each lens must be plated with different characteristics according to the materials used for the lenses and the absorption of different colored lights. The anti-reflection film, in combination with each other, can increase the transmittance of the lens and balance the transmittance of the lens to the color light.

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