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The TIxOy film layer is an optical film layer, which is an unconventional film layer and has a simple process. Metal decorative film preparation is commonly used for multi-arc ion plating, medium frequency magnetron sputtering and DC sputtering.

Titanium oxide varies with color time and varies from external to internal gradient. The color change has a clear regular direction, the following is the color change:

Yellow → red → blue → white →

Yellow → red → blue → green →

Yellow → red → blue →

Yellow → red → green →

The color changes with the color, and the cycle is repeated from deep to shallow. Unlike other conventional membranes, TIxOy membranes require knowledge of the CH value in addition to the conventional three-valued color of LAB.

L value: The usual value is brightness, which is brightness, and some people are called black and white.

A value: red and green

B value: yellow blue

C value: color saturation

H value: hue angle

Because of the contact with optical information, it is not necessary to know the complementary values of the AB value, that is, cyan and magenta, in addition to the CH value.

Blending through the colorful colors, purple and blue are simple, and the desired color is captured from the colorful color changes.

Medium-frequency magnetron sputtering often occurs in the process of preparing TIxOy film. After yellow, blue and white, the film layer can not continue to change in the second color change process. It is difficult to prepare the second color blue. Can be consulted by the public, not much introduction

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