Which type of vacuum coating is suitable for you?

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It is understood that in 2012, the national vacuum coating equipment reached 4.3 billion, and the vacuum coating shopping mall is expanding rapidly. Together, it also reflects the increasing demand and quality of our products. In order to satisfy the needs of consumers, many manufacturers who need to coat the products are required. Both purchased vacuum coating equipment. The vacuum coating equipment is fine and uniform, which enables the manufacturers to produce more beautiful and more used products to suit the market.

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Let us judge whether the quality of a coating equipment is determined by the following aspects. The first aspect is whether the coating of the device is fine or not. A device with a fine and uniform coating, this device is undoubtedly a very good device, a device that can be expected by manufacturers. The coating is fine, the uniform equipment can produce more beautiful, more and more used goods, beautiful, used goods are consumers' favorite. Consumers already love this type of goods, so manufacturers will profit from the goods.Manufacturers can profit from the products, profit from the fine and uniform coating, it will naturally pay more attention to the fine and uniform production of the coating. More energy will be invested in the production of fine, uniform products. The company wants to produce a fine, uniform product with a fine, uniform coating.Therefore, from this point, it can be seen that good equipment, fine coating, uniform equipment is what the manufacturer needs.

Equipment quotation, maintenance difficulty, and lifespan are also good for evaluating a coating equipment. A well-priced device is what buyers want. If your social security pricing is too high, some customers can't afford it. Timely customers can afford it, and they won't spend such a large amount of money to buy a coating device.Also, the difficulty of maintaining social security is also a norm for buyers to judge whether a device is good or bad. If a device is very troublesome to maintain, then even if the device is relatively cheap, the coating is very uniform and fine, then it will not be loved by buyers. Because who would love a need to spend a long time, many people, a lot of energy to protect the equipment.

In addition, the service life of the equipment is also one of the specifications for the purchase of equipment by the buyer. If the life of one equipment is too short, the buyer will not like it. The factors are obvious, no one likes to buy a device with a very short life. Even if the equipment is finely coated and evenly coated, it is very simple to maintain, so it will not be loved by buyers.

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Vacuum Coating Machine,Vacuum Plating Equipment,PVD Coating Equipment,PVD System,Gold Coating Machine

The electrical control system of the vacuum coating machine is divided into three main parts: control cabinet, transformer group and operation console. The control components of all functions of the equipment include programmable PLC, frequency converter, voltage regulator module, etc. are installed in the control cabinet. The front of the control cabinet is equipped with a resistor, ionization composite vacuum gauge, and a heating ammeter with a booster pump and a diffusion pump. And three-phase power indicator, alarm indicator, emergency stop switch. 

The transformer group is installed under the vacuum tank, and the positive electrode of the output end is directly connected with the corresponding evaporation electrode rod, and the negative electrode of the output end is connected and then connected with the evaporation negative electrode. 

The operation console is placed in front of the vacuum tank and below the observation window, and the touch screen, operation control buttons, knobs or switches of each component are all arranged on the panel of the console. 

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Vacuum Coating Machine,Vacuum Plating Equipment,PVD Coating Equipment,PVD System,Gold Coating Machine

The touch screen is located at the upper left portion of the operation panel, and the winding system parameters including the tension of the rewinding and unwinding, the winding diameter, the running speed of the machine, and the like, and the data display, and the operation indication of the vacuum system are all performed in the touch screen. 

The upper right part of the operation panel is the evaporation source heating power adjustment knob and ammeter to adjust and display the power of each group of evaporation sources. 

The lower part of the operation panel is the function control button or switch, including control power main switch, winding car advance and retreat, swing arm advance and retreat, bending roller forward and reverse, wire feed switch and speed, cover switch, system operation control mode selection, etc. 

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