Vacuum coating machine drawing vacuum coating characteristics of the vacuum coating equipment magnetic control coating equipment

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Interpretation of the characteristics of vacuum coating of vacuum coating machine, the characteristics of vacuum coating of vacuum coating machine, the surface of metal plate has anti-rust, anti-oxidation, anti-scratch, anti-chemical and anti-smoke characteristics. Appearance, due to the special bright surface of the product itself, in order to avoid tarnishing due to friction, it is recommended to apply to the horizontal surface with less friction, or the general vertical surface. In addition, this product is recommended to be used in a dry, or not often wet, moisture is not too heavy to maintain product stability. Vacuum coating machine for metal surface drawing can cover the mechanical marks and mold clamping defects in production.

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The practice of drawing vacuum coating is to spray a primer on the material before electroplating. Since the material is a plastic part, air bubbles, organic gases are left in the injection molding, and the moisture in the air is taken in when placed. In addition, because the plastic surface is not flat enough, the surface of the directly electroplated workpiece is not smooth, the gloss is low, the metal feel is poor, and bubbles, blisters and other undesirable conditions may occur. After spraying a primer, a smooth and flat surface is formed, and the generation of bubble blisters in the plastic itself is eliminated, so that the electroplating effect is exhibited.

Vacuum coating equipment is mainly used for vapor deposition of metal film (aluminum, chrome, tin, stainless steel, etc.) and colorful film imitation gold film on the surface of pretreated plastics, ceramics, etc., so as to obtain bright, beautiful and inexpensive. Plastic, ceramic surface metallized products.

UV Spray: Surface treatment of high quality products to achieve the desired results. Such as: electronic case, mobile phone case, cosmetic case, can pass the adhesion test, alcohol resistance test, salt spray test, so as to achieve the desired effect of your product.

Spray processing: external processing of plastic hardware injection, silk screen, pad printing. Can be sprayed with silver, gold, electroplated silver, rubber oil, etc., good quality, fast delivery.

Vacuum coating equipment

Zunhua Baorui Titanium Equipment

vacuum coating machine,pvd coating machine,pvd vacuum machine,vacuum ion coating machine,multi-arc ion coating machine

  Vacuum coating equipment Magnetic control coating equipment is a new multi-functional coating equipment developed by the company. It aims at the problems of the existing magnetic control coating equipment, such as low efficiency and wide processing range. After thorough consideration, the equipment has a high starting point, advanced structure and reasonable structure, and a set of reliable high-power magnetic is designed. An evaporation device that combines a target and a resistance evaporation.

  The electronic control system uses advanced programmable controllers, equipped with high-quality electrical components and actuators to ensure that all control actions are sensitive and reliable. The overall layout of the equipment is compact, the vacuum system is matched properly, the pumping speed is large, the film layer is uniform, the adhesion is strong, the work is stable, the process parameters are easily adjusted, and the quality of the coated product is high.

The vacuum coating equipment of the vacuum coating equipment is mainly used for surface decorative coating processing of various metal and non-metal workpieces. If it is equipped with an ion source and other devices, it can also carry out intensive processing of tools and tools to prolong the service life of the tool. . This equipment uses a number of new technologies to ensure the advanced nature of the product.

1. Resistor evaporation and magnetron sputtering are reliably combined, so that the same equipment can not only evaporate commonly used low melting point metals, non-metallic materials, such as vapor deposition of decorative aluminum film on plastics; it can also process refractory, high hardness metals. Such as copper plating film, titanium film, super hard film, alloy film and the like.

2, using a new high-efficiency magnetic control target, the target sputtering rate is high, to ensure the uniformity of the film layer, and can produce high-quality coating products.

3, using the programmable controller to automatically control the device, the action is reliable, and easy to adjust the process parameters, the device has wide applicability.

4. Adopting a double-door structure and a large pumping unit to ensure high working efficiency of the whole machine. The surface decorative magnetic control coating processing of the workpiece is a physical processing method, and no pollutants such as exhaust gas and corrosive are discharged, and the environment is not polluted. The coating quality has reached the quality of traditional chemical plating coating to a certain extent, and will be completely replaced.

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vacuum coating machine,pvd coating machine,pvd vacuum machine,vacuum ion coating machine,multi-arc ion coating machine

  In this way, it can effectively reduce environmental pollution, protect the ecological environment, and promote the sustainable use of national resources. However, advanced foreign similar equipment has achieved full computer film thickness detection, and can automatically control the coating process parameters in real time, automatically adjust the process parameters at any time to ensure consistent coating quality, and the product quality is higher than domestic equipment. The equipment has a certain gap in this respect and needs to be gradually improved.

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