Vacuum coating machine for optical lens application CCZK-SFL continuous magnetic control coating production line

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The application of vacuum coating machine coating technology on optical lenses, the earliest lens is no optical coating, and some even the inner tube extinction and the edge of the lens black are not treated, then a single layer coating appears, but this is mainly used Used in military telescopes to achieve lens extinction and reduce the possibility of being discovered by the enemy (for example, the T* coating of Zeiss's top name was originally developed for military use), while in the field of civilian cameras, 1941 Kodak produced the first coated lens. Camera Ektra, but the development of coating technology should start from the very bitter horse lens of Pentax's SMC coating in the early 1970s.

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The coating on modern lenses can be divided into two types, one is called anti-reflection film, which increases the light transmittance, and the other is to change the color spectrum of the lens, such as a lens. The optical material used in a certain lens has a good index of refraction and the like, but it has a yellowish phenomenon. Then it is coated with a layer of spectrally interrupted film to correct the color cast (Princess Princess uses high refraction). Glass, so some are slightly yellowish, and now the development of coating technology can compensate for the inadequacies of some cheaper optical materials. The design of the lens does not have to be done using expensive special-specified optical glass as in the past, so new The lenses are generally coated on the air contact surface of each lens, which on the other hand highlights the important role of the coating on the lens.

When many people wear glasses, it is required to add a film to the lens. There are two main types of lens coating: one is anti-reflection film, that is, by coating a plurality of transparent materials with different refractive indices and different thicknesses on the front surface of the lens, the principle of optical interference is used to reduce the excess reflected light on the surface of the lens. When the anti-reflection film is added to the lens, the transparency of the light is increased, the wearer feels that the glare is reduced, and the object is more realistic and bright. The other is a hard film, mainly used for resin lenses. It is generally applied to the front surface of the lens to enhance the anti-wear ability of the resin lens, and the light permeability is also enhanced. When cleaning the hard-coated lens, the user should first clean the front and back surfaces of the lens with water, and then dry it with a clean soft cloth. Be careful not to wipe the lens when it is dry. If the ordinary lens can be seen clearly, there is no need to add a film. If it is to be added, the resin lens can be added with an anti-reflection film, or a hard film can be added. The glass lens is generally only provided with an anti-reflection film.

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Vacuum coating equipment_CCZK-SFL continuous magnetic control coating production line

  Vacuum coating equipment _CCZK-SFL continuous magnetic control coating production line is a new multi-functional coating equipment developed by the company. It aims at the problems of the existing magnetic control coating equipment, such as low efficiency and wide processing range. After thorough consideration, the equipment has a high starting point, advanced structure and reasonable structure, and a set of reliable high-power magnetic is designed. An evaporation device that combines a target and a resistance evaporation.

  The electronic control system uses advanced programmable controllers, equipped with high-quality electrical components and actuators to ensure that all control actions are sensitive and reliable. The overall layout of the equipment is compact, the vacuum system is matched properly, the pumping speed is large, the film layer is uniform, the adhesion is strong, the work is stable, the process parameters are easily adjusted, and the quality of the coated product is high.

  Vacuum coating equipment _CCZK-SFL continuous magnetic control coating equipment is mainly used for surface decorative coating processing of various metal and non-metal workpieces. If equipped with ion source and other devices, it can also be used for strengthening processing of tools and tools. The life of the tool. This equipment uses a number of new technologies to ensure the advanced nature of the product.

  1. Resistor evaporation and magnetron sputtering are reliably combined, so that the same equipment can not only evaporate commonly used low melting point metals, non-metallic materials, such as vapor deposition of decorative aluminum film on plastics; it can also process refractory, high hardness metals. Such as copper plating film, titanium film, super hard film, alloy film and the like.

  2, using a new high-efficiency magnetic control target, the target sputtering rate is high, to ensure the uniformity of the film layer, and can produce high-quality coating products.

Zunhua Baorui Titanium Equipment

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  3, using the programmable controller to automatically control the device, the action is reliable, and easy to adjust the process parameters, the device has wide applicability.

  4. Adopting a double-door structure and a large pumping unit to ensure high working efficiency of the whole machine. The surface decorative magnetic control coating processing of the workpiece is a physical processing method, and no pollutants such as exhaust gas and corrosive are discharged, and the environment is not polluted.

  The coating quality has reached the quality of traditional chemical plating coating to a certain extent, and will be completely replaced. In this way, it can effectively reduce environmental pollution, protect the ecological environment, and promote the sustainable use of national resources.

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