Design of vacuum chamber for high vacuum coating equipment

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The high vacuum coating technology uses physical or chemical methods under vacuum to obtain the desired film surface on the surface of the object. The vacuum coating technology is divided into different sections according to the method used, evaporation plating, sputtering plating, ion plating, and beam. Flow deposition and molecular beam epitaxy, etc., the coating equipment used in this analysis is a magnetron sputtering coating.

Vacuum chamber design:

The vacuum chamber is the main part of the vacuum equipment. The design of the vacuum chamber mainly considers the sealing and reliability. The structure should be reasonable. The material production of the vacuum equipment is carried out in the vacuum chamber. The influence of the material on the vacuum degree is small, and the design cannot be sloppy. Be aware of some issues.

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The vacuum coating equipment using magnetron sputtering generally adopts the main structure of the cylinder, and the structure must ensure rapid evacuation. Since the air bag will slowly deflate, the isolation hole should be avoided, and the upper end of the vacuum system will be magnetron sputtering. The gun, in order to make the vacuum chamber and the component have sufficient strength, to ensure that there is no change in shape under the external and internal forces, the thickness needs to be sufficient.

Welding is an important process in the manufacture of vacuum chambers. It ensures that the vacuum chamber after welding will not leak. It requires reasonable design of the welded structure to improve the quality of the welding. The roughness of the inner wall of the ultra-high vacuum should be polished to make it outdoor. The surface of the room is very clean and requires special attention to prevent rust.

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