Vacuum coating equipment and plastic mold DLC film

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Vacuum coating equipment DLC film is used in industry, agriculture, transportation and technology and electronics industries. Vacuum coating machine DLC film is used in various manufacturing and processing industries. Vacuum coating equipment DLC film can play a good corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance Sex, anti-rust, easy to clean surface make metal mechanical mold parts more durable. For example, the nickel-like diamond film and the chrome-plated diamond film in the DLC film of the vacuum coating machine can also play a certain decorative role. The appearance of those small hardware products is more shiny and bright, and the diamond-like carbon film industry is long because of its many advantages. The product is green and can pass through the diamond-like carbon film to prevent rust.

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The most common is the hard chrome plating of plastic molds, because the raw materials are corrosive, especially ABAS, bakelite, these types of raw materials corrode the surface of the mold more severely, plating a layer of hard chrome on the mold surface can be in the mold A protective film is formed on the surface, even if the plastic material is corrosive, acid and alkaline, and it only corrodes the chrome layer on the mold surface. Chromium is considered a heavy metal, and chromium is relatively corrosion-resistant. Chromium is not only corrosion-resistant, but also It can play the role of anti-rust and wear-resistant friction. Generally, molds that are relatively easy to deflower will choose chrome plating to solve the problem of anti-defloration.

Vacuum coating equipment DLC film mold hard chromium can not only play the role of anti-spinning, corrosion resistance, etc., but also can be used for workpiece repair, vacuum coating equipment DLC film in our processing process, the size of the workpiece is made smaller, you can also use DLC film Hard chromium is used to repair the workpiece, thereby saving time and cost.

Zunhua Baorui Titanium Equipment

vacuum coating machine,pvd coating machine,pvd vacuum machine,vacuum ion coating machine,multi-arc ion coating machine

Zunhua Baorui Titanium is dedicated to the research and development and production of vacuum coating machines and vacuum coating equipment. It is specialized in the manufacture of various coating equipment and provides customers with customized process solutions and vacuum coating equipment.

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