The overall development of the vacuum pump industry is good

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The vacuum pump is the use of mechanical, physical, and chemical methods such container is evacuated to produce, improving and maintaining vacuum equipment. According to the National Economic Industry Classification and Code formulated by the National Bureau of Statistics, the manufacture of pumps, valves, compressors and similar machinery that incorporate vacuum pump manufacturing into general-purpose equipment manufacturing belongs to the manufacture of pumps and vacuum equipment.

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With the steady development of China's annual economic growth, China's vacuum equipment manufacturing industry has also obtained corresponding development space. The entry of foreign-funded enterprises, the rising competitiveness of the industry, and the development of brand building all illustrate the good operating environment in China's vacuum field from a single perspective, which has injected various forms of capital into the market atmosphere. In the future development, how to strengthen the ability of technology research and development, how to build an effective innovation mechanism, and how to move toward a more open and enterprising path is an issue that we urgently need to face.

The market for vacuum pumps changes dynamically according to the needs of users. The main drivers of market growth are the rapid development of the semiconductor industry and the growing use of dry pump and molecular pump applications. At present, the global vacuum pump market has annual sales of about 2 billion US dollars, with an annual growth rate of about 7%.


Vacuum equipment industry since reform and opening up

From the global vacuum pump industry market in-depth survey and development trend research report, the country's vacuum equipment industry has made great progress and great progress since the reform and opening up in the past 20 years, which is not only reflected in the substantial increase in output value and output, but also in Variety and specifications have achieved considerable results in terms of comprehensive technical level. Especially in recent years, various enterprises in the industry seized the opportunity, adjusted the product structure, vigorously promoted technological innovation, and achieved many new industry-level and national-level new products and new technological achievements, for the development of China's national economy and the development of science and technology. The promotion of high-tech defense has contributed.

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As people's understanding of the concept of environmental protection is deeper and closer to the industrial environment of the industry, in many industrial applications, the concept of environmental protection and energy conservation has penetrated into its production and application links, becoming an important way for enterprises to maintain high added value.


Pay attention to environmental protection

As the country pays more and more attention to environmental protection and energy conservation. Vacuum pump companies will gradually solve the problem of large noise of vacuum pumps. Utilize new materials, develop new technologies and new processes to reduce vibration, reduce noise, solve pump injection and oil leakage problems, and provide users with a clean environment.


Pay attention to individualized and refined development

In the past few years, our vacuum pump products have been basically a form. And can not meet the needs of market diversification. The next step in the development of vacuum pump companies should be personalized and diverse. The so-called personalization and refinement are aimed at the specific needs of different users and different industries, and are specifically for products that involve specific occasions for a certain user.When the product is applied in this occasion, it can maximize the characteristics of the product.

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Vacuum Coating Machine,Vacuum Plating Equipment,PVD Coating Equipment,PVD System,Gold Coating Machine

Nowadays, the development situation of China's vacuum pump industry is generally good. The industry has strengthened the research and development of product technology. It has fully utilized e-commerce channels in sales, and conducted inter-enterprise trade through some large-scale e-commerce platforms. Now China has strengthened the construction of cross-border e-commerce. It is also possible that vacuum pumps will go global through the network in the future. Relevant domestic vacuum pump enterprises should strengthen their comprehensive competitiveness. Whether it is from product quality, performance or price, they must have their own advantages. Only in this way can they stand firm and flourish in the fiercely competitive market in the future.

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