What aspects of low temperature vacuum concentrating equipment need to be improved?

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The development of automation technology provides convenience for the production of traditional Chinese medicine, which enables extraction and concentration to be completed in one step. The temperature, pressure, flow, liquid level and concentration can be set and controlled automatically, and the operation is convenient and the performance is stable. The application of low-temperature vacuum concentrating equipment has accelerated the development of the Chinese medicine industry, and with the continuous expansion of the market scale of the Chinese medicine industry in recent years, the market for low-temperature vacuum concentrating equipment has broad prospects.

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The industry said that the current low-energy, high-efficiency production concept is advocated, and low-temperature vacuum concentrating equipment is widely used in the field of traditional Chinese medicine production, which brings great opportunities for equipment research and development enterprises. However, domestic products still have several shortcomings. At the same time, it is necessary to develop enterprises and industries to improve and upgrade.


Material running

It is understood that when many users use low-temperature vacuum concentrating equipment, concentrators often cause material to run due to droplets.

According to the industry, during the concentration process, some materials contain easily foaming proteins, polysaccharides, soaps and other ingredients. If not handled properly, the foam will carry a large amount of material along with the vacuum pipe. As a result, the loss of materials and the yield rate are reduced, and the materials in the droplets adhere to the surface of the condenser to form a stubborn scale, which causes a decrease in heat exchange efficiency and an increase in energy consumption.

In addition, if the material enters the vacuum system in the form of droplets, it will reduce the efficiency of the overall concentration system, putting pressure on the production and cost of the enterprise. Therefore, solving the problem of running materials in low-temperature vacuum concentrating equipment is the key to ensuring high-efficiency operation of equipment.


Drainage is not complete

The condensate discharge system of the low-temperature vacuum concentrating device often relies on manual observation of the level of the liquid level in the sight glass, and the operation of discharging the condensed liquid is realized by switching the valve. Since the condensed liquid is dynamic, it is easy to cause the signal of the liquid level sensor to be unstable, and the drain pump is frequently activated and damaged. And the condensate removal system of many equipment on the market will have incomplete drainage.

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The author has learned that some manufacturers have improved the structural design, so that the drainage device can use only compressed air as the power in the case of no pump, and discharge the liquid that reaches a certain liquid level after condensation. The condensed liquid is discharged by a manually controlled or automatically controlled drain pump using a lower energy consumption.


Material residue cleaning is difficult

Due to structural reasons, material residues in the equipment often cause problems in cleaning. If the cleaning is not complete, it will easily cause pollution in the next operation, which will bring hidden dangers to product quality. Therefore, improving the structure and making the material residue cleaning more convenient has become a problem that many manufacturers need to think about.

The manufacturer's running device includes the trap cover in a quick-loading form. After opening, the inner cylinder can be easily cleaned or replaced after being raised, which greatly reduces the difficulty of cleaning.


Pressure mirror fogging, bursting

When the temperature difference between the spray liquid and the sight glass is large, the drawback of bursting is likely to occur.

In response to this problem, some manufacturers have developed an anti-fog pressure mirror. It is reported that the anti-fog pressure mirror spray liquid will be sprayed on the sight glass after preheating, which reduces the temperature difference between the spray liquid and the sight glass, eliminating the mirror stress difference and greatly reducing The hidden danger of the mirror burst.

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In addition to the above problems, the industry said that low-temperature vacuum concentrating equipment still has problems such as high cost and difficult maintenance, and the scope of application of the equipment also needs to be broadened. In general, domestic low-temperature vacuum concentrating equipment companies have a long way to go.

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