PVD equipment: countermeasures to improve adverse reactions in vacuum coating

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㈠ Strengthen the degreasing and decontamination treatment. If it is ultrasonic cleaning, the degreasing function should be taken into consideration, and the effectiveness of the degreasing solution should be ensured. If it is wiped by hand, consider using calcium carbonate powder before cleaning.
㈡ Strengthen the baking before plating. If the conditions permit, the substrate temperature can reach 300 ° C or better, and the temperature should be constant for more than 20 minutes, so that the water vapor and oil vapor on the surface of the substrate can be volatilized as much as possible. Note: The higher the temperature, the greater the substrate adsorption capacity, and the easier it is to absorb dust. Therefore, the cleanliness of the vacuum chamber should be improved. Otherwise, the substrate will have dust attached before plating, which will affect the film strength in addition to other defects. (The chemical desorption temperature of water vapor on the substrate in vacuum is above 260 ° C). However, not all parts need to be baked at high temperature. Some nitrate materials have high temperature, but the film strength is not high, and there will be stains. This has a greater relationship with stress and material thermal matching.

㈢ When conditions permit, the unit is equipped with a condenser (PLOYCOLD). In addition to increasing the unit's vacuum pumping speed, it can also help the substrate to remove water vapor and oil and gas.

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㈣ Increase the vacuum degree of vapor deposition. For coating machines of more than 1 meter, the vacuum start-up vacuum should be higher than 3 * 10-3Pa. The larger the coating machine, the higher the vacuum start-up vacuum.
㈤ When possible, the unit installs an ion source, bombards it before plating, cleans the surface of the substrate, and assists the coating process, which is conducive to the denseness of the coating.
去 Dehumidify the membrane material, and put the membrane material to be used in a vacuum chamber to dry it.
㈦ Keep the working environment dry (including lens cleaning and umbrella working area). Do not bring in too much water vapor when cleaning the working environment.
㈧ For multi-layer films, in the design of the film system, it is necessary to consider the matching of the first film and the substrate, and consider using Al2O3 film material as much as possible. For metal films, the first layer of Cr or Cr alloy plating can also be considered. Cr or Cr alloy also has a good adsorption force on the substrate.
Ix taken polishing slurry (polishing liquid) is removed refresher corrosion layer (layer hydrolysis) of the lens surface
(x) appropriate to reduce the rate of evaporation is sometimes helpful to improve the film strength, the film has a positive significance to improve the surface smoothness.

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