Coating equipment Aluminum coating film kneading resistance (kneading resistance)

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Coating equipment Vacuum aluminum coating is the most representative product of the current vapor deposition composite film. It melts and evaporates the aluminum wire through high temperature under high vacuum conditions. The aluminum vapor precipitates and accumulates on the surface of the plastic film to form a layer of about 35-40nm thick The barrier layer, the plastic film as the base material can be PE, PP, PET, PA, PVC, etc. Vacuum coating machine, vacuum coating equipment, vacuum aluminum coating has excellent barrier performance, and vacuum coating machine vacuum aluminum coating is an excellent choice without transparent packaging. Metallic luster, beautiful decoration, but due to the limitations of aluminum metal's ductility and aluminum plating technology, the aluminum coating layer is prone to pinholes or cracks after being rubbed and rubbed, which affects the oxygen barrier performance of the vacuum aluminum plating package With moisture barrier properties.

ASTM F392 is a method standard specifically used to test the anti-kneading and kneading properties of flexible packaging materials. Through this test, the behavior of kneading, kneading, and folding in the production, processing, and transportation of films can be simulated. By detecting the change in the number of pinholes or the change in barrier performance of the sample before and after the rubbing test to determine the anti-rubbing performance of the material, it can provide a quantitative basis for packaging design and practical application of the material.

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The rub resistance of the sample can be judged by the following two methods: first, the number of pinholes formed during the rubbing process is measured with dyed turpentine; second, the air permeability or moisture permeability of the sample before and after the test is compared. The pinholes formed in the rubbing test can only be measured by dyeing turpentine. However, if only one of the layers of the multi-layer composite material breaks, or if some plastic films are difficult to form pinholes in the rubbing test, then these materials are resistant to rubbing The judgment needs to be completed by professional barrier testing equipment.

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