Processing method of coated hardware products by vacuum coating machine

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Vacuum coating machine multi-arc ion coating is reasonably maintained in the production process of coated products. In addition to the change of the main salt composition of the plating solution, it will also have some accumulation of impurities or accidental intrusion under certain circumstances. Vacuum coating machine, vacuum coating equipment multi-arc ion coating has introduced solutions to the causes, methods and faults of common impurities. Vacuum coating machine multi-arc ion coating is also very helpful for impurities and effects, additive analysis and supplementation.

Vacuum coating machine multi-arc ion coating as the problem occurs and the number of cycles to solve the problem continues to increase, the production and maintenance level of multi-arc ion coating will also become higher and higher. For the objects, processing requirements and processing conditions to be processed by multi-arc ion coated products, we should have the necessary understanding. The quality of multi-arc ion coating products of vacuum coating machines and vacuum coating equipment is aimed at certain processing objects and meeting their requirements.

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Vacuum coating machine multi-arc ion coating variety, soft, hard and brittle toughness, processing conditions are dry grinding, wet grinding, pressure, vacuum coating equipment multi-arc ion coating surface conditions required processing, vacuum coating machine multi-arc ion Coatings require different processing sharpness, or outstanding durability, etc. Multi-arc ion coating will select different types of abrasives, grades, particle sizes, selection of plating solution, formula, process, multi-arc ion coating parameters, etc. influences. Especially when developing new products, the vacuum coating machine and vacuum coating equipment multi-arc ion coating must have a comprehensive and true record of the data of each test, such as grinding conditions and results. These are the tests we have made to improve the product again. Important reference.

Zunhua Baorui Titanium is dedicated to the development and production of vacuum coating machines, specializing in the manufacture of various coating equipment, has a large technical team, and senior experts, professors and senior engineers in the domestic vacuum industry to provide customized processes for industry customers Solutions and vacuum coating equipment.

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