Principle and characteristics of magnetron sputtering for vacuum coating equipment

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The magnetron sputtering method of vacuum coating equipment is also called high-speed and low-temperature sputtering. It is a very effective thin film deposition method. Compared with the evaporation method, it has a strong bonding force between the coating layer and the substrate, the coating layer is dense and uniform, and the composition is easy. Control and other advantages. Used for film deposition and surface treatment in microelectronics, optical films, materials, etc.

Vacuum coating machine sputtering is a complex process in which the energy and momentum transfer during the collision of ions with the atoms on the surface of the substance, and finally the atoms on the surface of the substance are excited. During the sputtering process, Ar+ directly bombards the surface of the material with an energy of more than tens of electron volts, so that the surface atoms gain enough energy to overcome the surface bound energy, and at the same time enter the vacuum chamber with a certain energy and deposit on the surface of the substrate. The bombarded solid is usually called the target, and the sputtered material is in the state of atoms, and may also have atomic groups, often called sputtering atoms. Magnetron sputtering in vacuum coater forms an orthogonal electromagnetic field above the surface of the cathode target. When the secondary electrons generated by sputtering are accelerated into high-energy electrons at the cathode site, they do not fly directly to the anode, but make a cycloidal motion that oscillates back and forth under the action of an orthogonal electromagnetic field. During the movement, high-energy electrons continuously collide with gas molecules and transfer energy to the latter, making them ionize and turning themselves into low-energy electrons. These low-energy electrons eventually drift to the vicinity of the cathode along the lines of magnetic force and are absorbed, thereby avoiding the strong bombardment of the substrate by high-energy electrons. Generally, electrons have to travel hundreds of meters before they are finally absorbed by the anode. The ionization efficiency of magnetron sputtering is very high. Easy to discharge.

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Magnetron sputtering vacuum coating equipment has a wide range of applications. Various materials that can be prepared into target materials can be prepared into thin film materials by this method, including various metals, semiconductors, ferromagnetic materials, insulating oxides, ceramics, and polymers. Things and other substances. Under appropriate conditions, a co-sputtering method can be used to deposit a thin film of a mixture of required components; oxygen, nitrogen or other reactive gases can also be added to the sputtering discharge atmosphere to react and deposit a compound of target material and gas molecules Thin film; its advantage is that there is no requirement for the conductivity of the target. Reactive sputtering can be either direct current reactive sputtering or radio frequency reactive sputtering. Co-sputtering is to use two cathode targets made of different materials and perform sputtering at the same time. By adjusting the sputtering discharge current on the cathode target, the composition of the film is changed. It is also possible to fix or paste other material sheets on the surface of a main target to achieve co-splashing.

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