Vacuum coating machine and metal material surface decorative coating

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Vacuum coating machine and metallized decorative film on the surface of plastic, ceramic, glass and metal materials. Vertical decorative coating machine for evaporation and magnetron sputtering. It is mainly suitable for metallized decorative film on the surface of plastic, ceramic, glass and metal. . Since the coating chamber of the vacuum coating machine is a vertical container, it has all the advantages of a horizontal coating machine, and it is also conducive to the loading of large and fragile plated parts, and it can be more convenient to realize an automatic production line. It is an alternative to the traditional wet method. A more ideal new generation of vacuum coating equipment for water electroplating. Some products of this machine can be plated without primer.

The main features of this machine are equipped with an improved high-vacuum exhaust system, which has fast pumping speed, high efficiency, energy saving, noise reduction and prolonged pump service life; it realizes evaporation, magnetron sputtering, automatic control, simple operation and reliable work; vacuum Evaporation plating of the coating machine uses a new type of electrode introduction device, which has small contact resistance and is reliable; magnetron sputtering uses a wide range of coating materials, and various non-magnetic metals and alloys can be used as coating materials; compact structure and small footprint; magnetron , Evaporation shares two vertical workpiece carts, which is convenient and efficient to operate. (Or dual-door evaporation, magnetron dual-purpose machine) The company's business scope is a complete set of vacuum coating equipment and technology, various pumps, valves, vacuum gauges, oil, grease, seals, vacuum coating materials, coatings, metals and alloys for vacuum engineering Products. Vacuum equipment fault diagnosis and elimination, old product transformation.

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Research on surface treatment technology and technology of new plastic, metal, glass and other products, and consulting services. New technology, new equipment, new process The company’s newly developed magnetron and evaporation multi-purpose coating machine is equipped with an improved high-vacuum pumping system and a fully automatic control system. It has fast pumping speed, high efficiency, simple operation and reliable work; Wide coating system, uniform coating, good adhesion, low substrate temperature, etc.; it is an ideal equipment for coating metal, alloy and compound coatings; suitable for coating transparent, semi-transparent, super hard, shielding and some special The functional membrane. Has been widely used in optics, electronics, communications, aviation and other fields.

Zunhua Baorui Titanium Technology Co., Ltd. is a well-known vacuum coating manufacturer, specializing in the manufacture of various vacuum coating equipment, providing industry customers with customized process solutions and coating equipment.

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