Introduction to the working mode of the evaporation system of the vacuum coating machine

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Vacuum coating machine DLC thin film evaporation system mainly refers to the film forming device part, vacuum coating machine DLC thin film machine has many film forming devices, vacuum coating equipment DLC film has various methods such as resistance heating, radio frequency sputtering, ion plating, etc. DLC film is introduced below Ways of resistance heating and electron gun evaporation:

According to its structure and working principle, vacuum coating machine DLC thin film resistance evaporation is the most widely used evaporation method for vacuum coating machine DLC film, and DLC film is also the evaporation method with the longest application time. The working method of the DLC film of the vacuum coating equipment is that the DLC film makes the tungsten film into a boat shape, and then installs it between two electrodes, and then conducts heat to the DLC film material. When the heat of the tungsten boat is higher than the melting point of the DLC film material, the material After sublimation or evaporation, DLC film is easy to operate, simple in structure, and low in cost.

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Vacuum coating equipment DLC film electron gun evaporation is the most used evaporation method so far. DLC film can evaporate any kind of DLC film material. The working mode of vacuum coating machine DLC film is: put the coating material in the crucible, DLC film The evaporation source is made into a filament shape. The DLC film forms an electron beam because the filament material is tungsten. The DLC film has a very high temperature of the electron beam. The DLC film can melt any coated medicinal materials and condense.

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